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May. 14, 2019

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These are the primary colors I try to operate under:
Honesty - yellow
Integrity - red
Responsibility - blue
Commitment - yellow
Truth - red

When you start mixing the colors,  these are how I see them:
- Integrity + Responsibility = Accountability (purple)
- Honesty + Responsibility + Commitment = Flexibility (green)
- Honesty + Integrity + Commitment + Truth = Simplicity (orange)
- Honesty + Responsibility + Commitment = Socialization (teal)

If you have EVER looked into a box of crayons, and used them, you know there are an infinite number of color combinations. These are just a few combinations I have come up with.

How do you utilize YOUR Primary Colors? Do you? Have you ever thought about it?

Part of my goal with this Blog, is to make people aware of another way to look at things. I often tell people, usually in the middle of a conversation, "Welcome to Left Field!!!" But, hey, someone has to go there - why not me??!

Have a good day, and be safe..

May. 1, 2019

In EVERY "how to get ahead", "becoming the best you", book I've read - one recurring question, repeatedly presented, is, "Why?".

When I began my "Healing Process", in 1992 - that was a prevalent question from my Counselor; and still an ongoing theme, as I move forward.

Have YOU ever thought about, "Why you do what you do?"; be it your job, hobbies, volunteer activities, etc?

Fortunately, I am able to parlay all of my passions into my day job, at limited intervals, of course; but I do get to interact with hundreds of people, every day.

At times, we do get into conversations, until I am called to assist the next customer; but, even if all I get to share is a smile, that IS sharing my passion.

There's enough crap in the world out there. I am not infallible and DEFINITELY have my overwhelmed "human" moments; but my ultimate goal is to give people a moment of respite from it, if I'm able.

I encourage you to take a moment and do a "self-assessment" of YOUR "Why". Make a pro/con list, if necessary. Are there ways you can parlay YOUR passions into your day job? Be creative...

Thank you, have a good day, and be safe...

Apr. 29, 2019

I have been working on growing my website, and expanding the reach of my Blog, and Personal Brand (as well as ascertaining EXACTLY what that is); via Researching, and Following, and Friending, and sending out one round of Emails to the list I am trying to build.

Frankly, I have been "pedaling as fast as I can", for quite awhile. I am a hoarder of physical items, as well as virtual items. (You should see my infinite Pinterest boards.) This. Is. Getting. Exhausting.

I have also been doing some reading, yes research; but with the intent of trying to catch myself as I run past!!! In doing all this, I have lost my F.O.C.U.S. - which is:
-in my quest to figure stuff out. It stops/starts here!!!

BINGO!!! On April 29, 2019, at approximately 12:10pm (est), I passed myself, on the stairs, no less (if you know me, this is kind of hysterical!!!), but I digress. I said, out loud, "Well, there's no need to reinvent the wheel. How can I utilize the information from those that have gone on, before me?"

Some of the people in mind, are: Daryl K Hersh - my Counselor, Friend, and Mentor; which I do have direct access to.
Erma Bombeck - she shared such WISDOM, most of which is timeless; which is good, as she is NO longer with us.
Delilah - who has NOT been soothed by that voice over the radio, that feels like the two of you are just hanging out??!

Some more recent inspirations, are:
Rachel Hollis - need I say more? If you have not checked out one of her books, I recommnd it, ASAP - her ENERGY just oozes from it - inspiring!!!
Brene' Brown - HELLO??! Her Shame and Vulnerability TED talks, and books are AMAZING!!!

I COULD go on listing MY  inspirations; but it would be counterproductive to my goal; which part of it is: I do NOT want to end up with my own "Jurassic Park" - "...standing on the shoulders of those that have gone on before...not asking if we should...". GREAT life analogy!!!

In short, NOT reinventing the wheel...wish me luck!!! If you have any insights, or ideas, please message me either here, or Would LOVE to hear what you think.

Have a good day, and be safe!!!

Apr. 23, 2019

One day, I was listening to a local radiothon, and one of the volunteers used the phrase "Paycheck of the Heart".

I care about doing my best, wherever I am; be it work, hanging with my friends, or even  when I do volunteer. As I have said, before, I want to be remembered for doing what I could.

I also believe I will never be "loaded", financially; that is not my goal. I just want to have "enough", to maybe NOT live paycheck to paycheck, but if I work til I die, so be it. If I ever am able to retire, I will definitely have more than enough to keep me occupied.

Where does your "paycheck of the Heart" come from? Do you have a passion? Are you able to live it??! I would really be interested to hear where YOUR "paychecks of the heart" come from!!!

Have a good day, and be safe...

Apr. 16, 2019

When you're attempting to be mindful of what's around you, does your mind just wander?

Does it feel so overloaded and overwhelmed by the influx of information we have, literally, at our fingertips?

Do your thoughts race so fast, you cannot possibly keep up?

Do you get so involved in trying to be helpful to others, that you lose your sense of self?

As I have often mentioned, you cannot pour from an empty cup. If you are not recharging yourself, every day, by making sure YOUR basic needs are met; how can you expect to help others?

Somewhere, this message got twisted around, and tending to our own needs seemed counterproductive?


"Love one another, as you love yourself." That's what it says in the Book millions attempt to fashion their lives after. The second part gets put by the wayside; yet, it's the anchor part of that equation.

Do you even know what YOU need? Have you ever thought about it? I challenge you to keep a journal, and if you have to write the same thing down every day, until it gets in, do so. You. Matter.

Some people will be confused by your "radical" choice to put yourself first. Remember, it's not selfish - it's a part of the balance we are all seeking.

I DO understand, if you have children, this makes it a little trickier, especially if they are younger. But, wouldn't you rather teach them by example, a healthier way to be a mindful individual??!

Have a good day, and be safe!!!