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Jan. 15, 2020

There will be no Blog post, for the week involving January 14, 2020.

I do have several started, but each time I went to write, felt no unction to write. I have spent time actually reading, which I miss.

Thank you, for your continued support, and I will be back with more Blog posts next week, and thereafter.

Self-care is just necessary, sometimes.

Please check out the #2020seeclearly journal prompts, I started on January 1, on the Facebook page.

Have a good day and be safe... #2020seeclearly 

Thanks, Connie...



Jan. 7, 2020

I have been really trying to move through some of my fears, lately:
-- Masks - have been working on multiple projects for the Art Exhibit, in June.
-- Failure - I keep on passing out cards, and talking to people; and listening to people, as they need to talk. Writing my Blog posts, and just putting myself out there as I feel led.
-- Boundaries - wondering if some of them are too much; or if I am overthinking, again.

Bottom line - I think my fears are just trying to take me down.

JusT SpInnIng PlaTes... is my heart. My brain is ALWAYS thinking about what to put in Blog posts - both here, AND for #ENDtheSILENCEofVIOLENCE at

I guess I have answered my own question - NO!!!Who knew??!
I will just keep doing what I am doing, until I run into a wall to change my direction, like those children's toys!!! 😉😉😉

Do you ever feel like you're kind of just "spinning your wheels?"

Thanks for listening...have a good day, and be safe...

Dec. 31, 2019

Well, after 58 years on the planet, and over 5 years of Blogging, and admining my website,, AND, and MANY convos with MANY different people; through one message on Messenger, regarding my Passion - I AM A MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCATE!!! Who knew??! #thatwaseasy 😂😂😂

In particular, over 2019, as I have been working with an advisor, I have been trying to narrow down to that "One Thing" - that "What do I want to be when I grow up"- thing. What IS my Passion?

People have always shared their stories with me, as I have with them; and helping has been my goal - but how??!

I am still learning about myself, and will be, until I die; and I finally reached my "paying it forward" point - but how??!

I have told my Counselor, for many years, that I wanted to be her, when I grew up. But I knew  I needed to figure out my own way to do it. It hit me one day, I had achieved my goal - NOW WHAT??!

This epiphanous event has really happened over time; but in that one moment, it all came together. #thatwaseasy 😐😐😐

I am sitting here, lmao, and giddy-stupid!!! It was inside me, all the time - I just had to wait for the timing. (Random "Wizard of Oz theme" strikes, AGAIN!!! Hence, my tattoo photo)

I am asking you, as we finish up this year, and head into a new year, AND decade, what is YOUR passion? Are you pursuing it? I wish you an epiphanous moment, as I had.

Have a good day, AND New Year, and be safe...

Dec. 24, 2019

(From "Carry On Warrior" by author Glennon Doyle)

I borrowed this phrase from Glennon, because it is as awesome a made-up word, as my "epiphanous"!!!

It captures how you view situations in your life - your perspective.

How do YOUR "Perspectacles" view the Holidays? Have you had great memories that make them shine brightly; or have there been things happen, that left your memories a little darker tinted?

Is it time to begin your own traditions, to make new memories? Sometimes, these only last for a season of your life, and you get to start over, AGAIN. That is the beauty of life - until yours ends, there is a virtual endless supply of "new ideas".

My hope for you, this Christmas, where as a child, you ALWAYS hoped for that one special gift under the tree; that you find that "One special thing", via your "Perspectacles", that touches your very soul.

I wish you peace, this Holiday Season, whatever Holiday you celebrate, or don't - just peace...if you don't see it immediately, try viewing through your "Perspectacles"...

Have a good day, and be safe...

Dec. 17, 2019

...however, are there any "nuggets of truth" in what has been said? That's what you REALLY need to look at.

Regardless of the "delivery", which may, at times, come across as harsh or feel like they're just trying to hurt you; if you listen to the person's heart, does that make a difference? Rather than coming from your place of pain?

This is the standard with which you need to measure any type of advice, or criticism - whether asked for, or not; is there ANY truth? Plus, is this a person you would even go to, if you needed advice?

My intent is NOT really to answer questions with more questions - but as with most things, it's not that cut and dried. My goal is just to make people think.

Have a good day, and be safe...