Today am thinking about...

Mar. 24, 2020

(Title inspired by Joelene Wolfe - Happiness Depends)

I do!!!

My Mentor, my adopted "Mom" Daryl, has taught me so many life-changing/affirming things, since we met after I "crashed" in 1992. She taught me about love, acceptance, and my faves - honesty, integrity, responsibility, commitment and truth!!!

Is there someone in YOUR life, that is passionate, and inspiring, and had a huge impact on on YOUR life??!

I would love to hear about them. At this time, in our lives AND history, it is SOO important to find ANY positive we can.

Please message me at my Facebook page, here or on my personal one; email me at; I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this, or ANY post.

Your feedback means so much!!!

Have a great day, and be safe... #2020seeclearly 

Mar. 17, 2020

March Madness, St Patrick's Day, Tuesday - even Election Day...these are things I know I have always taken for granted. things are a little different, aren't they? We are in a pandemic - how are you "handling it"??!

I'm not talking about the physical preparations - btw, people hoarding things, is just a "fear of the unknown" reaction - NOBODY is DELIBERATELY trying to hurt anybody else. They just don't know WHAT to do - and in THEIR minds, hoarding behaviors make more sense than running in circles and screaming (which is probably kind of going on IN their minds).

And the people using humor - are just trying to get through this, also. NOBODY is deliberately trying to eviscerate anyone. We ALL need to remember, WE ARE ALL IN THIS, TOGETHER. (Just had a "High School Musical" moment, there!!!😉😉😉)

How ARE you reacting? I usually have an "Autobon" type of thought process, on a normal day. These last few days, have been pretty active - I work retail, so have even been dreaming about work, a LOT.

I have lung issues, so there's that - AND allergies, on top of it all. (Btw, personally, I think this happening during peak allergy time, is grossly unfair - don't you agree??!😉😉😉)

I'm putting all this out there, because I have made the choice to NOT panic - I'm not stupid, I take needed precautions; but I think panicking IS the WORST thing we can do.

We are definitely in a bumpy time, in the world - but, overall, we WILL persevere - it's what we do, as humans.

I just want to put out there, that if you need to talk, I am here. Message me at - please put "I Need to Talk..." in the Subject line; or on Messenger - either my personal page, Connie R Jordan, or the JusT SpInnIng PlaTes... page. We WILL get through this.

As ALWAYS, have a good day, and be SAFE... #2020seeclearly

Mar. 11, 2020

This is a tale of lack of balance.

Once upon a time, a woman ordered a ceramic jar, and several sets of rubber hands, from an online company.

The rubber hands were packed solidly into the box they were shipped in - they used the large bubble kind of bubble wrap.

The ceramic jar was put into a thinner type of bubble wrap bag, and placed in a box that was a little bigger than IT was..., which package do you think arrived the safest, and undamaged? (*Hint - replacement jar will be here, Friday...).

Life is ALL about perspective. Sometimes, we put thick barriers around our "rubber hand" feelings - which are designed to be strong - to keep our "feelbads" from getting hurt. While our "ceramic jar" hearts, are getting smashed to smithereens!!!

Things are a little out of balance, and backwards, don't you think??! Now, I concur NOBODY WANTS to be hurt. But if you go through your life hiding yourself AND you heart, to keep from getting hurt; you're missing out on HALF of your life!!!

Pain sucks, that's a fact; but I hid myself for so long, trying to not get hurt, I WILL NOT do that, AGAIN. That was how I ended up a self-mutilator - the external pain was easier to deal with, than the emotional pain. Talk about out of balance!!!

I challenge you to assess your current life situation...which bubble wrap are YOU using??! Do you REALLY need ANY??!

Thank you - have a good day, and be safe... #2020seeclearly 

Mar. 3, 2020

(Pg 185 - "Dare to Lead", Brené Brown - where title came from)
"We can either hustle to show the crowd that we deserve to be there, or we can let them scare us off. Either way, it's easy to let them get into our heads and hijack our efforts."

I REALLY like this, as it is relevant to MY life, right now. Feeling the need to "hustle", and PROVE to MYSELF that "I got this"!!! Realistically, I am ONLY in competition with myself, as we all are - if we were to break it down.

I try to build on, and PERFECT what I learn about myself, daily; because let's face it - we never stop learning.

Our daily lives are just a PERFORMance of what we've learned, over the years. How we interact with ALL we come into contact. Every interaction can be a make it/break it situation. Personally, I would rather "make it"!!!

And again, the only one I need to PLEASE, is myself - in doing that, it WILL trickle over into EVERY aspect of my life. I'm not sure if that's necessarily a law-of-physics-thing, but it sounds like it...or it should be😉😉😉.

Any ideas how can you work the "4 P's" into YOUR life??!

Have a good day, and be safe...

Feb. 25, 2020

Have you ever been triggered??! I mean the ground knocked out from under you - wind taken right out of your chest - standing there with your eyes spinning around in your sockets??!

While it's not always THAT dramatic; some days, I feel just like I'm in the old Cat and Mouse cartoons - with the Cat laying mousetraps all around himself, to be certain to catch that Mouse.

But, you know who ends up stuck in EVERY mousetrap??! The Cat!!!

Which brings me to the truth that ignoring your triggers, hoping they go away, is ineffective and unrealistic.

As with your issues,  they are a part of what has helped form the "You" that you are, today; and even the most horrific things, can be turned to your good.

Whaaaaaa??! The bad stuff can be turned to good??! That's crazy talk!!!

I have FINALLY (it has NOT been an easy road!!!) turned what was meant to destroy me, into my Passion. (Btw, shoutout to all those people that tried to get me to understand this truth, ALL those years!!!)

Now, this doesn't mean I will NEVER be triggered, again. I just know the tools that can help me overcome my triggers. But I also have GREAT people around me to remind me of that, if I forget.

Knowledge IS power!!!
#1 - It is bringing up something from the past. It's over, and not happening now. I think this is the biggest trigger tool we have. No matter how current it feels.
#2 - It may be reminding you of something you haven't fully dealt with. I call this my "Hamster Wheel". It WILL keep coming up, until you deal with it. Now, if you HAVE dealt with it, refer to #1.

Remember, there is no "Handbook for Life", but we CAN learn from one another. Again, keep going - you are NOT in this alone.

Have a good day, and be safe... #2020seeclearly