Feb. 11, 2015

Setting Goals...

This is a broad subject - but let's tackle it, anyway. Some questions you may want to ask yourself are:

1) Why set goals? Sometimes in life, everyday things become just that - everyday. Setting a goal can "mix things up a little". If you're lacking a purpose, it can help you recapture that. If your present situation frustrates you daily, maybe you can either regain your passion, or find a whole NEW passion.

2) What kinds of goals do I have? Some of the goals I still have are: a) to write my Blog daily, & reach a national level, maybe international; & be like Erma Bombeck. b) I would like to be able to profit from my writing. c) I have a few projects on the back-burner I would like to have time & energy to accomplish.

3) Is it REALLY possible to achieve my goals? For a long time, JusT SpInnIng PlaTes... WAS a goal. Sometimes, you're going to feel like Peter Brady when he was building the volcano - look how THAT turned out - it blew up in his face, literally!!! But - he kept going - you will NEVER achieve if you don't pursue.

4) What will I do if I fail to achieve my goals? If you don't at least try, you'll never know. You have to figure it out; it DOES matter.

5) Do I have too many goals? Are they things I would just "like to accomplish", or true goals?

6) Are my goals realistic? One goal I honestly had when in my late 20's was to be the same weight I was when I was 14 - not realistic - a child's weight in a woman's body? Uh, no!!!

7) Are my goals practical for my life, or lifestyle? Anytime I've moved, I've wanted to have an immaculately kept house. Have we met? I'm the most "chaotically organized" person you're EVER going to meet. I hate cleaning house. I HAVE been purging & getting rid of my "stuff"; but I'm still me...

8) Are they MY goals? When I was 19, I became the Lead Person in a service organization for young women aged 12-20. I did it; but it was my parents' goal - NOT mine. Am I better for it? I guess. I can say I did it; but really feel NO sense of accomplishment having done it.

There are many more goal questions we could ask, but these are pretty basic.

What are some goals you have for YOUR life? Are you working toward them?

Have a good day, & be safe...