Feb. 16, 2015

Creating Kindness...

I saw this on Facebook this morning. Not sure of source - but they get the credit. I will just elaborate on MY translation of it. It's pretty deep, & REALLY pretty simple:


a) 1 cup Caring

b) 1 tablespoon Love

c) 2 teaspoons Compassion

d) 1 dash Forgiveness

e) 1 pinch Enthusiasm

ANYONE who knows me, knows that MOST recipes you give me, or I read about, will throw me kind of into a spin. When you break this one down - it's so simple, even I could do it!!! We're going to go from e) to a): e) Enthusiasm - you can accomplish this, whether you "feel like it or not" - it's not the largest ingredient. d) Forgiveness - even if it's someone you REALLY can't stand - be it another person, or even yourself, it's such a small ingredient, it's not too much to ask. c) Compassion - it doesn't require alot, again, to think about someone beside yourself. b) Love - yes, a little more is required; but still not that much in the whole mixture. Sometimes, it's not even love for others - it's the love of yourself, & being able look yourself in the mirror every day knowing you're an ok person. a) Caring - it's the main ingredient; but if you've EVER tried to do a recipe, & skip ANY - it just isn't quite the same. How can you "Create a Kindness" today? You DO have the ingredients - they may have been in your "pantry" so long, the dust has settled, & you can barely read the name on the container; but they ARE there somewhere. Take them out, dust them off, & "Create a Kindness"!!! Have a good day, & be safe...