May. 2, 2015

#NaBloPoMo - My Passions...

Last weekend, I was driving to see a friend. As I was going down the road, I glanced over at the woods, and as if in a spotlight, I saw this branch sort of lounging there. Vulnerable, exposed to the elements and ignored by the majority that passed by. Truly, just a branch in the woods, right?

What I saw, and said out loud to myself in the car was, "That symbolizes perfectly how a victim of abuse feels."

I turned around at the next possible spot, and went back and stopped to take the picture. Unfortunately, the sun had already shifted, and it wasn't spotlighted nearly as well as when I first saw it; but you get the idea.

This photo symbolizes one of my passions - for roughly 23 years, I have been working toward a state of readiness to effectively help victims of abuse; and the last few have been an active part of a mentoring ministry.

This is just one of my passions - what are some of yours?

Have a good day, and be safe...