May. 8, 2015

#NaBloPoMo - Last Time I ASKED to Have Picture Taken

It was late last fall, and it's a pretty funny story.

When I'm in the breakroom at work, I usually sit at a table in the back. I work with the public and I try to use this time to regroup; thereby keeping my job - ha, ha!!!

My friend "T" happened to be on break at the same time, already sitting at the table. I had seen my friend "I", and some other friends having fun at a table in the front; but just needed some time to recoup.

"I" walked back and asked, "How come you're not sitting up at the fun table, and sitting back here at the reject table?" I knew "I", and that she was just pulling my chain; my friend "T" did NOT!!! The look on her face was great!!! I looked at her and said, "Gee, she could have at least waited until I introduced you!!!"

That was the birth of the "#rejectsrule" movement at my store. It took on a life of it's own. I even made up a hand signal.

Well, it showed up on Facebook for awhile - and it's not dead, yet, nearly 6 months later. It's just fun!!!

One day, when I was off, I opened Facebook and saw a pic of 4 of my friends taken at the "reject table". I said, "Hey, what about the other 'original reject'?"

The next day I worked, I asked "D" to take my pic and I posted it in the comments. Hey, can I help it I hate to be left out??!

When was the last time YOU asked to have YOUR picture taken? Is your story as funny as I think mine is?

Have a good day and be safe...