Sep. 3, 2015

#NOMORE Multi-tasking: More Mental Than Physical...

I apologize for my lack of posting over the last several months. I was broadening my desires further than my abilities.

Not only did I get overwhelmed physically; I got overwhelmed mentally - ended up kind of standing there, metaphorically, with my brain in a spin and accomplished NOTHING!!! Wasteful!!! I do know better...but...anyhow, focus is back, AGAIN; and I will keep it up. I DID keep posting encouraging pictures on my Facebook page, JusT SpInnIng PlaTes..., though.

I was trying out some "easy money" things, trying to "build a better mouse trap", etc. spent HOURS clearing emails - uh, NO!!! Counter-productive. Plus, I get REALLY BORED, really fast, doing surveys - attention-span of a gnat!!!

Yet, there ARE things I CAN do for hours: Reading a book, Gem Swap, Radio, Facebook, Trivia Crack, TV - the catch is - I do more than one at a time. Is another readon I prefer express registers and self-checkout, over working on a belt at my job - BOREDOM!!! Ha, ha!!! If I get bored, it's ALL over.

Even if I'm watching TV (which I USUALLY listen from my office), I'm playing with the cat, eating, or something. Usually, if not doing something else, I fall asleep watching TV. Which is why sleeping with the TV on works for me.

This also explains why I never really excelled in school - sitting and listening with no other action makes me crazy.

At work, when I have to do a training on the computer: I talk to other people in the room, jiggle my hands and legs, doodle, I do take notes, but am not really "still". Plus, this happens even now, when caffeine consumption has been cut in at least half!!!

In conclusion, these are just some reasons I didn't post for 3 months-ish, not excuses.

Have a good day, and be safe...