Dec. 3, 2015

Living the Dream...

Is your life ANYTHING like you pictured it would be at whatever age you are, when you were younger? Mine sure isn't!!! I actually thought I would be married, with children, white picket fence, dog and cat, etc...

NOPE!!! Now, when I think of all that, I shudder. At 54, I'm STILL not ready to be married - and kids??! That ship was called Titanic!!! I was not even ready for the dog when I was 40!!! I had help when I first got him, though.

I had someone ask me, recently, if I was happy being single with no kids - heck yeah!!!

I think "The Dream" is different for everyone. I mean, do you think there is only one "American Dream"? Uh, no!!! There are as many dreams as there are people.

I have NO desire to be a homeowner, either. I KNOW I have no repair skills, and limited fundage; so that could be a train wreck. Plus, the whole nature thing - like grass, flower beds, etc - NO!!! I shovel to, and around my car, and clean it off. THAT about covers my venture into nature.

My dream is to have enough money to survive (with maybe a little over), good friends and family, my cat, a place to live, and a vehicle. But, if I happen to win the lottery, or someone desires to give me a bunch of money - I would NOT say no!!!

I think I am "living the dream", though. Overall I'm content, and I think that's the best thing of all.

Happiness is relative, and can fluctuate too much.

Are you "living your dream"? Do you have one, that you know of?

Have a good day, and be safe...