Jun. 9, 2016

Truly Grateful...

On Monday, my website, www.beamererin.com , reached 20,000 views!!!

I would like to thank each and every one of you that has viewed, commented, encouraged, etc. Even if you popped on out of curiousity, and never came back; I thank you, also (though you will never know it!!!) :)

My goal for this website, and the Blog and Facebook page, is to spread a little kindness; or make people think, or maybe even laugh a little. I may not be able to change the entire global population, but I can change, or at least affect MY world; and isn't that really the goal we ALL have, if you think about it?

I was listening to Delilah on the radio the other night (LOVE HER!!!). I could really relate with what she shared. She always states her disclaimer that she's not a therapist, etc; but she just has a heart to help and encourage. I can really relate to that; and if I channel Erma Bombeck, also - there you go!!! Two intelligent women with hearts to help!!!

I have been involved in a mentoring program for years, and that's what I do. I don't have all the answers, am just supportive.

But, I digress - THANK YOU, AGAIN!!!

I think I have an idea for a giveaway. Sorry it will be delayed; but better late than never, right??! When I know details, it will be on the Facebook page.


Have a good day, and be safe!!!