Jun. 9, 2016

New Life Begins...

On June 1, I posted on Facebook, "To all my classmates from Sebring McKinley, Class of 1980...36 years ago, today, our new lives began!!!" Then, after I posted it, I began to go deeper in the pool that is my over-thinking mind, and started to think about how many "New Lives" I've actuall begun.

Every time we change jobs, move, or our circle of close friends shifts; or marriages, divorces, deaths, etc - new life begins. Crazy right??! I also realized I handle changes better than I thought, sometimes - score for me!!! Ha, ha!!!

If I stop and think about it, I think smaller changes trip me up more than bigger ones. It's like walking across the floor and your foot catches and you trip; versus approaching a flight of stairs - you know your way of walking is going to change when you get to the stairs; whereas, the trip is unexpected.

With some big changes, there's an excitement for the adventure - such as a marriage, or a move. Some changes you approach with dread - like facing you or those around you aging; a divorce. A new job throws in a whole plethora of feelings!!! No matter what it is, most people just move forward and go with it; because what is your REAL option?

Regardless, as the mathmetician said in Jurassic Park, "...life finds a way...".

Here's to your life finding a way!!! Have a good day, and be safe...