Sep. 26, 2016

JusT SpInnIng PlaTes...A Fly On the Wall...

If you could be a ,"fly on the wall", and observe ANY discussion you could - what would it be, and why? Past, present or future? Depending on what it was, what would you do with the information you acquired? Are you a whistle-blower? Do you believe one person can change the world? 

I think I would have loved to observe ANY of the conversations between Diana and Prince William, for one. Can you imagine the wisdom she imparted; even in play, I bet!!! How about her and Prince Harry? I'm certain the words, "Be true to yourself", were involved.

It wouldn't always be positive, either. How about osama bin laden or saddam hussein (not capitalized on purpose) - would you have risked your life to share what might happen, and possibly stop some major world events?

What about a friend considering suicide - would you speak up?

The possibilities are endless - I challenge you to sit and think about this, and then apply it, and affect your world!!! 

Have a good day, and be safe...