Nov. 17, 2016

Facing Your "Darkness"...

Every once in awhile, I go through a period of what I refer to as, "My Darkness". It's usually triggered by something; either a date, or something I see on TV, or something someone says, etc. Sometimes I can identify the trigger, sometimes not.

Regardless of the trigger, the feeling is always the same. I get overtaken by a sadness that is so powerful, I drop quickly. I'm a former self-mutilator. I start seeing things like that in my head, and it occupies the bulk of my thoughts.

I say, and mean former; but the feelings are so powerful, it just adds to the "Darkness"; and I know if I don't counteract it, it can escalate quickly. I do have people I can discuss this with, and I utilize that.

My friends are awesome. They love me, in spite of my "Darkness"; and though they may not understand it , they help me. I know I can count on every one of them.

Sometimes, I wonder if everyone goes through this kind of thing. Do YOU have a type of "Darkness"?; and if you do, do YOU have someone to talk to?

I used to feel ashamed of my "Darkness"; but I know now, it was a part of my becoming who I am, today. I am in NO WAY condoning, or recommending it; but there is also NO SHAME in it.

Have a good day, and be safe...