Apr. 17, 2017

Na-aa-aah - No-oo-ooh...One of My MANY Lessons in Perseverance...

I've pretty much gotten what I wanted my whole life - NOT necessarily in a "healthy" way. I have been known to cry, whine, etc, to get what I want.
When I haven't - I've done my own version of a dog's "peeing on it and walking away".
The title of this post comes from my experience in our High School Choir. Everyone who wanted to partake was accepted; but we all had to "try out" to find our placement - I was placed in the  Alto section.
EVERY year, I would stress so much about singing alone, I would cry, after. EVERY year of High School, 1976-1980, when I graduated, I went through this.
In 1983, I bought an accompaniment tape to the song "Give Them All", practiced, and approached the Pastor of the church I was attending at the time about just trying it out on the sound system.
From then on, and into the 90's, I sang at church regularly doing solos, and on the Worship Team, also playing drums. Even took the 2 years of piano I took as a child, taught myself chords, and wrote a few songs.
You should have seen my High School Choir Director's face when I ran into him, one day, and told him I had been singing solos. I think he was proud.
I stopped singing, other than to the radio, in the mid-90's; until in 2007, when I bought a guitar, and wrote some songs, also.
In 2012, I was diagnosed with a lung disease, and COULDN'T sing, not even with the radio - lung capacity just wasn't there.
Two years ago, I decided it was time to put music back into my life. One of the local radio stations plays Christmas music from mid-November through Christmas Day. I made it my mission to build up my lung capacity in that time.
The first time I was able to belt out "Living on a Prayer", I was bawling as I drove down the road - SUCCESS!!!
See, I didn't want to get back to "performance level" singing, just to sing along with the radio, etc.
Perseverance...my gift...
Have a good day, and be safe...