Jun. 12, 2017

A New "Uncomfortable"...

I have been in my "healing process" since 1992. Over the years, I have learned to embrace and overcome the negativity of life, and become "Comfortable With the Uncomfortable". I have, also, learned to embrace, and express my feelings, as they come up; and keep them current.

Recently, this morning to be exact, I realized that I have arrived at a NEW "uncomfortable" - positivity, feeling ok with my life even though it's still not perfect (and never will be).

MIND BLOWN!!! I have been fighting with myself to overcome myself for so long, I have NO idea how to just live my life!!!

Being happy and positive feels good for awhile, but I then start to anticipate that dreaded "other shoe" drop, the darkness creeps in, and am back in my "comfort zone". UGH!!!

You should've seen my face in the mirror as I had my epiphany.  I just looked at myself and said, "Oh my God!!! I have NO idea how to just be!!!"

Folks, I have JusT arrived at a NEW "Uncomfortable"!!! Welcome to my own "Ground Zero".

Does this sound familiar to anyone else? If it does, please let me know. Burdens are ALWAYS lighter when they're shared...

Have a good day, and be safe...