Jul. 5, 2018

Sensory Memories...

Every season of the year brings out a plethora of new sensory memories.

In the Spring - the smell of freshly cut grass. The sounds of lawn mowers, first thing in the morning; or the "baby queeps" as you pass a marshy area. The feel of last year's sandals as you slip them on; with your freshly pedicured toes sticking out. The taste of the ice cream cone from the stand that hesitantly hopes the cold weather is over.

In the Summer - the "blast furnace" sensation of opening your car door on a sunny afternoon. The neighbor kids giggling while in their pools or sprinklers. The distinct smell of someone cooking on the grill. Hot coffee is out, replaced by iced coffee or some other chilled refreshment. As you see yet, another painting in the evening sky; with colors you didn't know existed.

In the Fall - the sound of the leaves as you crunch them underfoot. You wonder what the latest pumpkin flavored item will be, this year. You enjoy the comfort of your long sleeves. The smell of a bonfire makes you remember an evening of snuggling close with your love,  following a hayride; as you gaze up at a blanket of stars.

In the Winter - as a kid, opening the back door smelling the freshly fallen layer of snow; before plunging into it, and playing until your feet and fingers remind you of the warmth, and hot chocolate,  waiting for you indoors. You turn, as you open the door, and admire your snow angels, snowman, and the fort; from behind which you won the most recent snowball fight. You wave to the snowplow, as you hear them round the bend; and you feel the satisfaction of a day well spent.

What memories do the different seasons bring out in you? Does each one bring mostly happy, or sad memories; or a balance of the two?

Have a good day, and be safe...