Aug. 17, 2018


Are you living your passion? That which motivates you to get out of bed, and go into the world, and be your best you?

Today is my 14th Anniversary at a job at which I genuinely love what I do; I help people all day. Though, I often get frustrated by the "formalities" and semantics associated with my job, by some around me. This makes me very tired.

Last night, while talking with a Friend, we were discussing me doing a different job. Going to school, and following a passion I have; to work with Victims of Sexual Assault.

I really pondered this; I truly AM living my passion, every day. Just in conversations with people, as I assist them in my job; we often have conversations in which I get to encourage them in their lives, too.

I also, since my Mother's passing, have been writing a lot of poetry, etc. This is another part of my passion. I have recently been posting my poems on my website. My hope is that someone will read them, and relate. I have more poetry to post, not just from being in mourning. This is just where I am at, currently.

I'm still evolving from this pain; and my passion is what will move me through it. But, I MUST move through it. I keep saying, "I am not the same person I was on May 26...". This is my truth.

My heart's desire is that EVERY thing I write touches at least one person, and makes them think about their own life. I do NOT have all the answers to life; I just want to help people know they're not alone in their struggles. THIS is MY passion...

Have a good day, and be safe...