Sep. 9, 2018

Coming Back To Me...

I have been expressing MY needs, for months, and I feel like all am doing is alienating people I love, and that need me... 💔💔💔

These last three and a half months have been a bit of a rollercoaster, for me. Hopefully, I am able to balance out, a little bit.

I went to a Wedding, yesterday, and had the most fun I have had for a very long time. Had about three hour's sleep, worked a half day, then went to the wedding. By the time I got home, was just stoopid!!! Had no alcohol, but was just as silly as some of my friends that were a little lit.

And you know what??! It was ok. I was ok. And when I got home, I  was too exhausted to think about ANYTHING but the good time I had.

Wow!!! Is all I can say.

Now what? I will keep moving forward. When the one officiating asked the Bride if she took the Groom, she screamed, "YES!!!" Do I take what the rest of my life has for me, etc, I scream, "YES!!!"

I will still face my feelings, as they come up...there is NO time limit for grief; but hopefully, each round will be a little shorter, and a little easier to move through. I just feel like I have FINALLY made it out of my first crevasse.

A HUGE thank you to those that have been hanging around, waiting for me to get to this point; remember, I am STILL on my way back. I love you all, and a mere thank you sounds so pale against the Darkness of my Grief, but I do so appreciate you all. My goal is to alienate no one else...

Have a good day, and be safe...