Sep. 14, 2018

We ALL Have Choices...

I remember, on this day in 2001, Tamra, Poetry and Austin, and me, standing on the corner by our house, holding Flags and singing Patriotic songs as people went past on their way to a football game. (We lived 2 blocks from the High School.) We did not have to do this. We made the choice, to try and encourage others. We got quite a few honks of support, too!!!

Thousands of people, not just firefighters and policemen, chose to jump into their vehicles and head to the three sites that were altered, just three days before. They didn't have to - they did what they could.

We were United by those events.
Patriotism was EVERYWHERE!!! People cared about one another. People made these choices.

Now, we are such a divided Nation - by the colors of our skin, who we voted for, what we watch on television, who we love, and the sad pathetic list goes on to infinity. Everyone blames the media, etc - people have made these choices.

I think of 9/11/01 EVERY day, and I choose to let it motivate me to be true to myself. If I believe as a Friend does, ok - if I don't, it does not affect my relationship with them at all. I may not understand, but that doesn't matter. Their choices are their choices.

Now, if their choices begin to affect me, that is where the line is. I have to look myself in the mirror, every day. I have to live with the choices I make, every day. I admit, I may not have always made the best choices; but I understand, and deal with the consequences of my choices.

That is what people do not take into consideration. Consequences  of their choices. We all have the free will, and the Freedom to do what we want; but, for example, if you steal or kill, there are consequences.

There can be consequences for making "good" choices, also. An example of this could be a friend that disregards your boundaries, repeatedly; you can keep seeing them, because they are your friend, or you can talk to them about it. If you don't feel heard,  you have to do what is best for you.

Some choices will be easy, others, not so much. Just remember that YOU ARE WORTHWHILE!!! Your choices matter.

Have a good day, and be safe...