Jan. 8, 2019

"Eleven More Steps..."

Lately, I have been watching the news with trepidation. There is SOOO much negativity, and shock-n-awe going on, it makes me tired.

However, as I was watching the News, yesterday morning, I was inspired!!! Who knew??!

Explorer Louis Rudd was the Guest, discussing his latest, AND SECOND solitary trip across Antarctica. He is the only man to complete this trek TWICE!!!

He shared a story of Inspiration, of a fellow Explorer, Robert Scott; whose party perished after failing to reach the Depot where their supplies were stored, in 1912.

Someone calculated that had the party taken Eleven More Steps, every day, they would have reached the Depot, and probably survived.

He says, now, on EVERY trek he takes, whether he has reached his goal, or it's 8pm, he takes Eleven More Steps before pitching his tent.

I began to ponder how I could apply this theory to my own life. Everyone throws out cliches, like "Go the extra mile...", or "Always give more than you get...", etc; so I don't want to just start a new catch-phrase.

Just know, that as I go throughout my daily living of life, that this phrase will be in my head; and hopefully inspiring me to do better, for myself.

You see, THAT is my ONLY competition - me. My GREATEST  adversary. No matter how much garbage I have to put up with, from others; no one throws more garbage at me, than me!!!

Have a good day, and be safe...