Feb. 25, 2019

Do These Pants Make My Butt Look Big??!

Some people, when they ask this type of question, are looking for the truth. However, SOME people, "...Can't handle the truth!!!"

Some, just need a little reassurance, if they go in public, they're not going to cause an "International Incident"; and be forced to live with the embarrassment of the situation for the rest of their lives.

We all know some of both kind of people. Now, that being said, how do you handle this? Every time they ask, do you just blast them??! I don't believe so - I believe a bit of temperance, and tact CAN go a LONG way.

I had a situation once, where one friend had dog poop on the bottom of her pants. The other friend I was with, and myself noticed. We didn't say anything, and figured she knew; we were outside, and thought she was going to wait until she went in, to change. She was horrified!!!

Now, since we were in her own yard, and only three of us knew - it was, well, maybe not ok, but not major. Had we gone out in public, somewhere - yes, we would have been wrong to let that happen.

There is no blanket answer to this type of question; but each situation should be weighed:
- Will my answer be hurtful?
- Do they REALLY want my true answer, or just a little reassurance?
- What is the level of this relationship?
- Will my tempering my answer hurt either one of us, in any way?
This is not an exhaustive list of questions to ask; but I believe they are important.

I'm not saying we are responsible for protecting anyone else from the truth, in any way; but in some instances, should we hold back?

What are YOUR thoughts on this situation? I would love to hear some input. My email is beamererin@yahoo.com. Please email me, and let me know!!! Thank you, in advance!!!

Have a good day, and be safe...