Mar. 2, 2019

"Dear Self in 2019..."

We're entering the third month of the year. I like to assess my progress on things, periodically.

So far, so good on this - of course, have had a few situations where I had to choose to Let Go; but was able to, relatively easily. It IS a work in progress - NOBODY gets it right, every time.

I feel this last year has been my biggest adjustment year, thus far; and I am already working toward the end of May, the end of my "Year of Firsts", since losing my Mother.

If you would have told me a year ago, how this last year was going to go, though I KNEW I had no idea; I would NOT have expected the way it went, and PROBABLY would have argued a bit. I had NO clue!!!

I just keep plugging away, flying by the seat of my pants, and do what I need to do. At times, it HAS been a bit out of my "comfort zone"; but going to a deeper level of self requires a level of discomfort, right??!

Actually, I've noticed I have arrived at a level of calm, recently. Things that in the past would've made me crazy, just don't seem as important. This is one of those epiphanous moments. Welcome to my world - normally these moments happen in the bathroom (no charge, just keeping it real!!!)

How has YOUR 2019 been going? Any epiphanous insights you would like to share with me??!
Post a comment, preferably here, or on the Facebook Page. I would love a little human interaction - Motion is just not as sparkling a conversationalist as you would (Yes, she IS a cat - listens great; but her best responses usually involve her breakfast!!!)

Have a good day, and be safe...