Mar. 5, 2019

Eating Ice Cream With Motion...

Self-control is NOT my strong suit. Eating 4 bites of Edy's Coffee Ice Cream with her, after we eat our bfast, is pretty good self-control for BOTH of us.

I know, they say ice cream isn't good for cats; but she licks it off my spoon, so she really isn't getting that much. And 4 bites a day, isn't that bad for me, either - win/win!!!

Her happiness is a prime concern for me, as she has these REALLY sharp teeth that she's not afraid to use??! Let's just say, I am a well-trained human, and call it a day, ok?

She has been with me almost 5 years, already. She's always there, when I need her - hope I fulfill her need for me, also. I do what I can; but we DO have to have money for our ice cream, right??!

I always say my priorities in life are:
- cat food/ice cream
- car payment
- casa
- clothing
There is no real change in that order (if I know what's good for sharp teeth and claws??!)

Do you have a Friend that fulfills certain needs in you, like Motion does for me??!

Sorry the picture is sideways, and a bit fuzzy; but the look on her face says, "I hazz ice cream, and YOU do not!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Have a good day, and be safe...