Apr. 11, 2019

WHO Are You Comparing Yourself To??!

Have you ever looked at someone, and thought, "I would look GREAT in that dress!!!" Then bought a similar dress, and said, "Oh my God!!! What was I thinking??!"

How about looking at someone's Art Piece, and thought, "I can do that. All it is is paint splashed on a canvas." Then you bought paint and canvas,  and said, "This is hard!!! How DO they do it??!"

These two actions I listed are not bad things, in themselves; but - if all you do in your life is compare yourself to others, are you even giving yourself an opportunity for something great??!

I'm not saying that we cannot aspire to do something someone else has done; but if all you do is compare-compare-compare, will you ever move beyond that?

The ONLY person you should ever, really, compare yourself to...is you!!! The old you. Your former self. The one that you left behind to become the new, and improved you. (Btw, if you are still doing "the same things you've ALWAYS done", is it time for a change??!)

Try something new once a month. Take a different route to work. Smile at a stranger. Be creative. Make the change so subtle, people ask you what has changed about you.

Stop comparing yourself to others, and recreate a new you!!!

Have a good day, and be safe...