Apr. 16, 2019

Mindfulness, or Just Mind Full??!

When you're attempting to be mindful of what's around you, does your mind just wander?

Does it feel so overloaded and overwhelmed by the influx of information we have, literally, at our fingertips?

Do your thoughts race so fast, you cannot possibly keep up?

Do you get so involved in trying to be helpful to others, that you lose your sense of self?

As I have often mentioned, you cannot pour from an empty cup. If you are not recharging yourself, every day, by making sure YOUR basic needs are met; how can you expect to help others?

Somewhere, this message got twisted around, and tending to our own needs seemed counterproductive?


"Love one another, as you love yourself." That's what it says in the Book millions attempt to fashion their lives after. The second part gets put by the wayside; yet, it's the anchor part of that equation.

Do you even know what YOU need? Have you ever thought about it? I challenge you to keep a journal, and if you have to write the same thing down every day, until it gets in, do so. You. Matter.

Some people will be confused by your "radical" choice to put yourself first. Remember, it's not selfish - it's a part of the balance we are all seeking.

I DO understand, if you have children, this makes it a little trickier, especially if they are younger. But, wouldn't you rather teach them by example, a healthier way to be a mindful individual??!

Have a good day, and be safe!!!