Apr. 23, 2019

Paycheck of the Heart...

One day, I was listening to a local radiothon, and one of the volunteers used the phrase "Paycheck of the Heart".

I care about doing my best, wherever I am; be it work, hanging with my friends, or even  when I do volunteer. As I have said, before, I want to be remembered for doing what I could.

I also believe I will never be "loaded", financially; that is not my goal. I just want to have "enough", to maybe NOT live paycheck to paycheck, but if I work til I die, so be it. If I ever am able to retire, I will definitely have more than enough to keep me occupied.

Where does your "paycheck of the Heart" come from? Do you have a passion? Are you able to live it??! I would really be interested to hear where YOUR "paychecks of the heart" come from!!!

Have a good day, and be safe...