May. 1, 2019

Why I Do What I Do...

In EVERY "how to get ahead", "becoming the best you", book I've read - one recurring question, repeatedly presented, is, "Why?".

When I began my "Healing Process", in 1992 - that was a prevalent question from my Counselor; and still an ongoing theme, as I move forward.

Have YOU ever thought about, "Why you do what you do?"; be it your job, hobbies, volunteer activities, etc?

Fortunately, I am able to parlay all of my passions into my day job, at limited intervals, of course; but I do get to interact with hundreds of people, every day.

At times, we do get into conversations, until I am called to assist the next customer; but, even if all I get to share is a smile, that IS sharing my passion.

There's enough crap in the world out there. I am not infallible and DEFINITELY have my overwhelmed "human" moments; but my ultimate goal is to give people a moment of respite from it, if I'm able.

I encourage you to take a moment and do a "self-assessment" of YOUR "Why". Make a pro/con list, if necessary. Are there ways you can parlay YOUR passions into your day job? Be creative...

Thank you, have a good day, and be safe...