May. 22, 2019

Are YOU JusT SpInnIng YOUR PlaTes??!

Do you have focus, and goals in your life, that motivate you to get out of bed early every day, and hit the ground running??!

Or are you struggling to keep your plates up on their poles; but spend more time avoiding their crashes, and tending to the wounds FROM the afore-mentioned crashes??!

Life is ALL about the choices we make, every day. As I have mentioned, before:
You can either meet your life head-on, the good-the bad-AND the ugly, and make the MOST of even a sucky day; or you can wallow in how much your life sucks (every day, on repeat, for eternity), and attempt to bring everybody in your immediate range down that Black Hole with you!!! (That's a leader I want to follow - NOT!!!)

It took me YEARS to FINALLY grasp positivity - not like Ed, from The Lion King - but what I like to call "legit positivity". You don't ignore the negativity in your life, but you deal with it, then put it in it's proper place behind you, and let what is unnecessary burn off as you power yourself forward from it.
Remember what a GREAT motivator anger is??!

I wish you God-speed on your quest to yourself. Do you have any specific pitfalls you would like to discuss? I would definitely be interested in hearing your thoughts, either on here, or in an email -

Thank you, have a good day, and be safe...