Jun. 11, 2019

How Strong Are You, Really??!

Do you know any REALLY strong people??! Mentally/emotionally, I mean. (Though they MAY be strong, physically, too.)

How well do you know them? Have you known them their whole lives, or most of yours? What I am getting at, is do you know their "life story"?

After my Mother passed , SOOO many people mentioned her emotional strength as one of her greatest qualities.

People are always reminding me how emotionally strong I am. I used to think I was so delicate, and couldn't handle things - that was how I was raised. As I have worked through my issues, I have realized just how strong I ALWAYS have been...in spite of that!!!

I am going through multiple changes in my life currently:     - working on building my website/Blog
- just finishing an online course; and moving on to others that I believe can help me with my website/Blog
- will be traveling to Arizona, in the fall
That is just a few, off the top of my head.

Change has never been my strength; but I am not balking against these, at all...WHO KNEW??! Lol

What are some of your strengths? Have you ever thought about it? Take a moment - I would love to hear some input/feedback!!! Thank you, in advance!!!


Have a good day, and be safe...

(Photo from Facebook)