Jul. 1, 2019

The 'Look of the Magic Beans'...

Have you ever done something, be it pick an outfit or pair of shoes to wear, to changing your life-course 180 degrees; and people close to you look at you like you sold the cow or crop that could have brought in a boatload of money, for a handful of magic beans.

That is the look I have gotten a LOT in my life, because I tend to make those..."left-field" decisions in life. They have all worked in my favor, thus far, because I am following MY path. Plus, even if I made a wrong decision, until you're dead, changes can still be made, right??! The path may just be a little longer, sometimes. More to observe!!! 😉😉😉

People who are closest to us, and only want the best for us give us that look, because they care so much; and yes, there are those that just don't matter as much, that just think you've lost your freaking mind. Same look, by the way.

My point is this - you have GOT to walk your own path, in this life. Yes, there will be good decisions, aaaaand, those not-so-good decisions. There could be good windfall, and major consequences - whether a good decision, or not. This is life.

Some days, I am amazed at the progress and growth I have had in my life; and other days, I forget to unfasten the seatbelt before trying to exit the car. Again, this is life.

Are you making your life, or following the status quo? Are you happy with the life you have, right now? Are there changes YOU need to make, either small, or large? Are you prepared for someone to give YOU the "Look of the Magic Beans..."??!

Have a good day, & be safe...