Jul. 17, 2019

Is Time YOUR Kryptonite??!

It sure is mine!!! I often, uncomfortably, joke that I will be "late to my own funeral".

Just when I think I have a handle on my "problem", I go through a major "late phase". I truly mean NO disrespect, and am not trying to make excuses.

It is something I learned (apparently very well) very young, in my life. Often, if my Father had to be somewhere 20 minutes away, he would leave 10 minutes before he had to be there; and gripe at traffic, and all that got in his way!!!

Though it has a name, as in description above, it does not make me feel any better; and I HAVE made improvements, over the years. As a general rule, I am either very early, or running late.

I believe, as I continue my efforts, that the pendulum swing will level out.

I DO set alarms, and am attempting to phase out all "snooze" time. That HAS worked for no longer laying in bed that extra half hour. There are also alarms for "Get Ready", and "Leave".

It is a process, and I WILL get there. It is NOT because I am not trying. Doesn't every Superhero have their "kryptonite"??!

Have a good day, and be safe...