Aug. 22, 2019

Self-Consciousness VS Self-Awareness...

(Part Two, in the "Series About Self...")

I personally used to think these two phrases meant the same about you??! Now, I understand the difference.

Self-Consciousness puts a bit of a negative spin on just about everything you try to do, in life. As a kid, and even now, at times, my extremely pale skin makes me feel a little self-conscious; especially since I am overweight. 

I have learned to put a bit of a spin on my self-consciousness, however, to make it a more positive thing. I'm still VERRRY aware of my extremely pale skin; but I have started to be all of my tan friend's "resident pale person", when they want to feel REALLY tan!!!

Self-Awareness, is knowing your insecurities, and showing up with your head held high, regardless. I was painfully backward as a child, and teenager; but I did have moments (with a push from my family, & sometimes even myself) where I overcame that shyness and accomplished a little bit of leadership.

As in everything in life, perspective makes the difference. I wear clothes that make ME comfortable. Usually capris, or shorts - or regular pants rolled up to the knee - my "friend of color" once told me, "You know exposing your legs to the sun, like that, will not make them darker." I tag him with EVERY Casper, or pale joke that comes up on!!!

This is just one thing I have felt self-conscious about - what struggles have you had? If you would like to have a one on one consult, just email me at I am not an expert, but I've been around awhile, seen some stuff, and learned a few things about life...lets chat!!!

Have a good day, and be safe...