Nov. 5, 2019


(Part Three in the Series About Self...)

When you hear these words, what comes to your mind? Long, luxurious bubble baths, or coffee by the lake in a big comfy chair?

While those do represent one form of self-care; there are as many forms of self-care, as there are people in the world.

For some, it is sitting down with a cuppa for even five minutes, before starting housework, or changing that ever-poopy diaper.

Even if you have to do it while you're on the toilet, you rock-star Moms, take a moment to think about the fact you are alive and ticking, and you are doing your very best!!!

No one else's opinions matter - think about your kids, when you hand them that cookie,  or that split-second after you give your teen a kiss on the cheek - and treasure those moments.

If no kids, like me, I  get Motion-kitty cuddles when I least expect them. Take ALL the "moments" you get. Ponder them, treasure them...THAT, my Friend is just another example of self-care. Don't make it so difficult...

Have a good day, and be safe...