Nov. 12, 2019

One Example of What Selfishness Isn't...

(part 4 in a series about Self)

I often struggle with feeling selfish, when all I am really doing is taking care of my needs. I share what they are, and expect them.

Now, that's where it gets a bit sketchy - should I ALWAYS get my way? No, THAT would be selfish.

We, as women, generally, are so programmed to be caregivers, that when we try to take care of ourselves - whether from an internal or external source, we are made to feel selfish.

I have never married, nor had children (not a mistake!!!); but still struggle with this, at times.

Making sure you eat, and get enough sleep, every day, is one form of self care; and is NOT selfish. Neglecting your needs, not wants, is not selfish, either.

Just be sure to ALWAYS remember #youAREworthwhile - YOUR needs DO matter!!!

Have a good day, and be safe...