Nov. 20, 2019

Self-Confidence vs Cockiness...

(5th, and final entry on series about "Self")

Throughout my life, I have often seen self-confidence as cockiness.

It was the green-eyed little monster inside me, that made this observation. Let's just say, green is NOT a good color for me!!!

I knew people that were overweight, as I was, that were confident, and I was totally confused by this.

So I figured, if I lose weight, I will be happy and confident - wasn't. Nor was I healthy - was from stress, and not eating!!!

There were people that were pale, like me, that were confident; and again, I was left confused!!!

I thought, maybe if I could be tan, and still overweight, I could be happy and confident. Guess what??! Wrong, again!!! (Plus, I DON'T TAN!!!😉😉😉)

I still thought that confident people were still a lil cocky!!! Surprise...wasn't really a correct assumption, either!!!

Self-confidence FINALLY kicked in when I realized that other people's opinions of me DID NOT MATTER!!! Only what I thought of myself!!!

Who knew??! Once I realized I WAS WORTHWHILE, and the opinions I had of myself were ALL that mattered, things started to turn around for me.

Now, it wasn't an overnite thing - when I tell my current circle of friends how "painfully backward" I used to be, I get quite a few raised eyebrows!!!

Somewhere DEEP inside, was this little ball of perseverance that would push me, even when I was at the lowest points in my life.

That's why, AT different points in my life (with a few intersections), I actually have been a singer, keyboard player, drummer, guitar player - and have done public performances  (and I didn't suck!!!).

Now, there is no desire, or need for those skills; but they definitely helped with my self-confidence. Btw, thank you, to all that may be reading this, and had a hand in guiding me!!!

The moral of the story, is that these possibilities are inside of you, too!!! Is there anything you have ever dreamed of doing, but think you can't? 

Were you confused, as I was, about the whole self-confidence mystery??!

I have a Friend, who struggled to get her first novel completed, and published - I sent her the hashtag #BELIEVE, all throughout the process. She IS a published author!!!

I'm giving you, your first #BELIEVE...what are YOU gonna do with it??! #BECONFIDENT

Have a good day, and be safe...