Dec. 3, 2019

Relationship Roadblocks...

Sometimes, I wish this sign was available to wear on my forehead.

"Life partner" relationships are not my strong suit; but "Friendship" relationships ARE my thing.

That being said, I always try to explain my Blog/Website...vibe, if you will, as a little "Delilah" with a little Erma Bombeck mixed in.

Which leads me to wonder, if people think I am a "Love Guru", as I've heard Delilah referred to - nopenopenope!!!

How I relate to her, is that she did not go to school to be a therapist/counselor. She just mentors people with her natural gift of engagement, and relating to where people are in their lives.

Regarding Erma B - I don't purposely try to see the funny side of things, necessarily; I'm just a permanent resident of "Left Field" - and that's where a lot of people miss out on important aspects of their lives!!!

I see that as a HUUUGE "Relationship Roadblock". It's like you're missing this big part of yourself, that "completes" you.

Life takes a healthy balance of positive, AND negative, to make it truly worthwhile. An example of this:
If you try to alleviate the pain you feel, when you lose someone in your life, as in a death, a breakup, etc; how can you truly experience the love side of a relationship?

Without allowing that connection with another, and accepting the uncertainty of the future, how can there truly be commitment?

In life, in relationships with anyone, there is NO guarantee you will NEVER get hurt. I'm not talking Domestic Violence, etc; I am talking people may have a bad day, and your feelings may get hurt.

Nobody is a "Ray of Sunshine" 24/7, and things are said, and done; and pain cannot be avoided, sometimes. It doesn't mean you swear off all relationships.

On a side note, NOT all relationships ARE forever. There may come a time for certain ones to end. It isn't always, necessarily, agreed on by all involved; but it IS a part of life.

I could go on, but as I've rambled a bit, I will end this. Hopefully, I've given you some stuff to REALLY think about.

Have a good day, and be safe...