Dec. 24, 2019


(From "Carry On Warrior" by author Glennon Doyle)

I borrowed this phrase from Glennon, because it is as awesome a made-up word, as my "epiphanous"!!!

It captures how you view situations in your life - your perspective.

How do YOUR "Perspectacles" view the Holidays? Have you had great memories that make them shine brightly; or have there been things happen, that left your memories a little darker tinted?

Is it time to begin your own traditions, to make new memories? Sometimes, these only last for a season of your life, and you get to start over, AGAIN. That is the beauty of life - until yours ends, there is a virtual endless supply of "new ideas".

My hope for you, this Christmas, where as a child, you ALWAYS hoped for that one special gift under the tree; that you find that "One special thing", via your "Perspectacles", that touches your very soul.

I wish you peace, this Holiday Season, whatever Holiday you celebrate, or don't - just peace...if you don't see it immediately, try viewing through your "Perspectacles"...

Have a good day, and be safe...