Dec. 31, 2019

"That Was Easy..."

Well, after 58 years on the planet, and over 5 years of Blogging, and admining my website,, AND, and MANY convos with MANY different people; through one message on Messenger, regarding my Passion - I AM A MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCATE!!! Who knew??! #thatwaseasy 😂😂😂

In particular, over 2019, as I have been working with an advisor, I have been trying to narrow down to that "One Thing" - that "What do I want to be when I grow up"- thing. What IS my Passion?

People have always shared their stories with me, as I have with them; and helping has been my goal - but how??!

I am still learning about myself, and will be, until I die; and I finally reached my "paying it forward" point - but how??!

I have told my Counselor, for many years, that I wanted to be her, when I grew up. But I knew  I needed to figure out my own way to do it. It hit me one day, I had achieved my goal - NOW WHAT??!

This epiphanous event has really happened over time; but in that one moment, it all came together. #thatwaseasy 😐😐😐

I am sitting here, lmao, and giddy-stupid!!! It was inside me, all the time - I just had to wait for the timing. (Random "Wizard of Oz theme" strikes, AGAIN!!! Hence, my tattoo photo)

I am asking you, as we finish up this year, and head into a new year, AND decade, what is YOUR passion? Are you pursuing it? I wish you an epiphanous moment, as I had.

Have a good day, AND New Year, and be safe...