Jan. 21, 2020

An Electric Fence, In Place of a Brick Wall...

Once, on a retreat, we were asked to draw what our walls previously looked like, to what they currently looked like.

My drawing was a broken-down brick wall in the background; with a wire across, in the foreground.

I believe this demonstrates boundaries, perfectly. The electric fence is in place, allowing movement back and forth; but if someone steps out of line, the power comes on, with a light "zap" to make them aware. By the way, was happy with the progress, and self-awareness it demonstrated.

Honestly, I do not want "walls" around myself, because not only do they keep people out; but they trap me inside - stunting my emotional growth.

Have you ever thought about what YOUR walls look like - what they're built out of (literally and figuratively), and exactly why they're there? What purpose DO they serve?

I encourage you to take a look.

Have a good day and be safe... #2020seeclearly