Feb. 11, 2020

The Me I Am In Public VS the Real Me...

I'm not so naive, as to believe that there is NO difference between my public and my private persona, per se; but honestly, a majority of the time, what you see IS the real me - as in, the "work" me, the "go out to dinner" me, the "go to a concert" me, etc.

I may prefer to have deeper conversations, and more one-on-one interaction; but I am still "Me" - true to myself. I have boundaries, and if they're crossed, we'll discuss it; but I  expect that same respect from the other person, if I cross theirs. I have worked very hard to get where I am, today; especially when it comes to my relationships with others.

A former "people-pleaser-extraordinaire", I changed, and adapted to people and situations so well, at times I didn't even KNOW MY real needs or desires. I was a chameleon, of sorts; and I was good at it - learned from the master - my Mother.

In my younger years, I did accomplish some of my heart's desires, via my relationships - one being my  approximate 7ish year (collectively) musical "career" - singing, playing keyboard, playing drums, and finally guitar, were MY choices; and I can see where God worked those opportunities out. They were an element of the real me.

Though still on my quest to self, I am able to see when I'm not being true to myself - the same feelings come back, and get me reeling, a little!!! Nobody is immune to their "old self" raising it's ugly head to let you know it's still back there - even if the only way it can stand is on crutches.

When it comes up, you just have to remember who you are, NOW - you're NOT that same person, anymore!!! It helped form who you are, today - that's why everyone has a past. So you can remember whence you came; but you can't go back - why give it that much power to get you down??!

Have a good day, and be safe... #2020seeclearly