Mar. 3, 2020

The 4 Ps...Prove, Perfect, Perform and Please...

(Pg 185 - "Dare to Lead", Brené Brown - where title came from)
"We can either hustle to show the crowd that we deserve to be there, or we can let them scare us off. Either way, it's easy to let them get into our heads and hijack our efforts."

I REALLY like this, as it is relevant to MY life, right now. Feeling the need to "hustle", and PROVE to MYSELF that "I got this"!!! Realistically, I am ONLY in competition with myself, as we all are - if we were to break it down.

I try to build on, and PERFECT what I learn about myself, daily; because let's face it - we never stop learning.

Our daily lives are just a PERFORMance of what we've learned, over the years. How we interact with ALL we come into contact. Every interaction can be a make it/break it situation. Personally, I would rather "make it"!!!

And again, the only one I need to PLEASE, is myself - in doing that, it WILL trickle over into EVERY aspect of my life. I'm not sure if that's necessarily a law-of-physics-thing, but it sounds like it...or it should be😉😉😉.

Any ideas how can you work the "4 P's" into YOUR life??!

Have a good day, and be safe...