Mar. 11, 2020

The Tale of Two Bubble Wraps...

This is a tale of lack of balance.

Once upon a time, a woman ordered a ceramic jar, and several sets of rubber hands, from an online company.

The rubber hands were packed solidly into the box they were shipped in - they used the large bubble kind of bubble wrap.

The ceramic jar was put into a thinner type of bubble wrap bag, and placed in a box that was a little bigger than IT was..., which package do you think arrived the safest, and undamaged? (*Hint - replacement jar will be here, Friday...).

Life is ALL about perspective. Sometimes, we put thick barriers around our "rubber hand" feelings - which are designed to be strong - to keep our "feelbads" from getting hurt. While our "ceramic jar" hearts, are getting smashed to smithereens!!!

Things are a little out of balance, and backwards, don't you think??! Now, I concur NOBODY WANTS to be hurt. But if you go through your life hiding yourself AND you heart, to keep from getting hurt; you're missing out on HALF of your life!!!

Pain sucks, that's a fact; but I hid myself for so long, trying to not get hurt, I WILL NOT do that, AGAIN. That was how I ended up a self-mutilator - the external pain was easier to deal with, than the emotional pain. Talk about out of balance!!!

I challenge you to assess your current life situation...which bubble wrap are YOU using??! Do you REALLY need ANY??!

Thank you - have a good day, and be safe... #2020seeclearly