Mar. 24, 2020

Do You Have a "Passionate, Inspiring Person"??!

(Title inspired by Joelene Wolfe - Happiness Depends)

I do!!!

My Mentor, my adopted "Mom" Daryl, has taught me so many life-changing/affirming things, since we met after I "crashed" in 1992. She taught me about love, acceptance, and my faves - honesty, integrity, responsibility, commitment and truth!!!

Is there someone in YOUR life, that is passionate, and inspiring, and had a huge impact on on YOUR life??!

I would love to hear about them. At this time, in our lives AND history, it is SOO important to find ANY positive we can.

Please message me at my Facebook page, here or on my personal one; email me at; I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this, or ANY post.

Your feedback means so much!!!

Have a great day, and be safe... #2020seeclearly