Jun. 9, 2020



(Picture from Facebook)

I have lived a life full of fearful situations - from being sexually abused at a young age; to fearing for my Mother, at times, while growing up in a Domestic Violence situation.

Not sure if it's my age, the area I grew up in, or just my naivete; but I have only been affected by racism, from a distance.

There was a janitress at my Father's office building that was black. I've known her my whole life. At one point in my early childhood, I REALIZED she was black - she had always just been "Bobbie".

She was one of my best friends - I would hang out with her as she cleaned, when my Father had evening tax appointments.

My parents were horrified, when all of the sudden I was "strange" with her, and wouldn't hang out with her. They apologized profusely - she told them to let me be, I would come around.

That's exactly what happened - I was allowed to work through my own confusion/curiosity, whatever it was. My point is - I believe that's why I have the feelings about people, that I do.

This past week, I was confronted with external fear. I am a single, white woman, that works in retail. I do understand the difference between a peaceful protest, and a riot. But, sometimes things happen so fast, they get all confused.

My basic premise is, if you're a jerk, you're a jerk - I don't care if you're purple!!!

I don't pretend to know what others are going through, in all this - I DO know that injustice IS injustice. I stand with my friends.

As always, especially in these heightened times, have a good day, and BE SAFE... #2020seeclearly