Jun. 17, 2020

Bad Cart Wheel "Society"...

I work in retail, on the front end (a lot of times, it feels like the front lines); and see people choosing their shopping carts. If you have never had this experience, I recommend watching it, sometime.

They come in, grab one - sometimes, it's immediate; other times they've gone part-way through the store, and they bring it back. "This wheel is bad", "it pulls to the right/left", "I couldn't handle the rattling, anymore"; or...claiming any other cart "imperfection".

This to me, is a sad commentary on how we have become as a society ‐ more and more people, of all ages, are incapable of handling minor "inconveniences", like this. We all want perfection - "my way, or the highway", etc.
Tolerance of ANYTHING is becoming a thing of the past.

I'm NOT saying the world is perfect, and there are not, still, major changes to be made; but, come on!!! You can't handle a little squeaking as you roll through the grocery store??! Maybe this could be the beginning of your musical career - do YOU have rhythm??!

Just some more ramblings of a, sometimes, overly observant person, I guess...have a good day, and be safe... #2020seeclearly