Jul. 14, 2020

Journey Into MY Procrastination...

Maybe I'll write this, later...just kidding. I am a Master Procrastinator!!!

It's not something I'm really proud of, and I have worked HARD to make progress to overcome this, over the years - but I still have so far to go. Remaking yourself takes time - but as long as I'm on the earth, what else am I gonna do, right??!

I AM proud of the progress I have made. Baby steps...but still forward.

I refuse to let myself feel shame - that is counterproductive - but a lot of the time, my "Motivator" is just broken.

I've had people, over the years, offer to help me. I always circle back to the same thing - "No, I like you, and want it to stay that way."

I am a firm believer, that once you quiet the chaos, internally; the external will begin to take care of itself. But, YOU still have to do the work. ANYTHING worthwhile, takes work.

Just holding myself accountable, here. I don't want anyone thinking that just because I can help others, I don't still have my own issues to deal with. It's a balance.

Does this resonate with anyone, out there? Please message me at beamererin@yahoo.com, or comment here, if you can relate.

Thank you, and as always - have a good day, and be safe!!! #2020seeclearly