Jul. 28, 2020

Becoming Duck-like...

Lately, I have really been annoyed by the "kill the messenger" attitude by some people around me. 

I am aware, especially in this time of Covid, how things sometimes change by the minute; and that everybody's tense.

This gives no one the right to snap, when people are trying to clarify - that is me. Trying to catch-up, and clarify when I return to a situation I've been away from for a day or two.

It still gets under my skin, a bit; but I have started just saying, "Ok, just trying to clarify.", and walking away. I have no time for petty stuff in my life. 

I am also attempting to not be the "kill the messenger" person; that's not my normal M.O., but sometimes am tempted to snap back when they try to clarify with me. 

Two wrongs will NEVER make a right...

Trying to let it all run off, like water off a duck, to keep my inner peace - which is my BIGGEST priority. 

Anyone else feeling this way??! Would love to hear your feedback. Please message me at beamererin@yahoo.com.

"If it walks like a duck..." 😉😉😉

Have a good day, and be safe... #2020seeclearly