Aug. 18, 2020


(Topic inspired by Brene' Brown's discussion with Marie Forleo, on MarieTV.)

One common theme, in our world, today (although probably unknown), is Scarcity.
Scarcity of compassion, listening, empathy, respect, understanding, etc - "joining compounds".

So many things are missing in people's lives; and are being replaced with fear, blame, hatred, separation, disrespect, different-than-me-is-bad, all-about-me/my-needs/screw-everybody-else-ness, dehumanization, and many other ideas that cause division - and a tremendous breakdown in our society.

(Mind you - self-care, is a horse of a different color, and should not be confused with the above paragraph.)

Especially, in these days, when we should be helping and supporting each other - because we DO have so many issues in common.
When I heard "Scarcity" mentioned, in correlation with Brene's book, "Braving the Wilderness", it resonated to my very core. I almost hollered out loud, in Subway (like in Charlie Brown's Christmas - when he made the connection of what it's all about), "That's it!!!".

This is what I have been trying to put my proverbial finger on, since this latest round started (this past March, 2020!!!); and honestly, for many years, before that.

Daily, I am trying to do what I can to replace negativity with positivity; first, in my OWN thoughts and speech, AND with those around me.

Again, I know I can only do what I can do - but imagine if EVERYBODY tried to put a little more positivity out there, and change the level of power that scarcity has??! Whew!!!

Have a good day, and be safe... #2020seeclearly