Aug. 25, 2020

Please Don't Let Me be 'That' Person...

I had a situation happen recently, where I was verbally attacked; offhandedly, not personally. But still, I feel, viciously.

My mouth was hanging open, and my hackles were up!!!
Inside my head, I reacted with, "Man, I hope I run into this guy in neutral territory!!!"

That "tape" played once, and started up again; and I said, out loud - "Do NOT be 'that' person!!!" It was a rather large man, & I was already loading personally derogatory words into my Mind Chamber.

That is NOT who I am, or desire to be driven to be.

I got it turned around in my head, quickly; and I loaded something new and positive into my Mind Chamber.

To quote Brene' Brown, me trying to 'shame him back' wouldn't work, "...those people are ass-high in shame, already...". That's why they spew their vitriol all over anyone that comes up against them, in any way. That's their self-protection .

That is NOT who I want to be. I am the only one who can control it. I make the choice, over and over, all day, every day.

I am trying to keep positive in my "Mind Arsenal"; and to deplete the negative from it. Not to become a doormat, for anyone; but to keep "Me, who I want Me to be."

Any thoughts??! Can you relate??! Please let me know here, on the Facebook page, message me, or email me at I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thank you, in advance.