Oct. 11, 2020

You Don't Get To... (Was to be posted 100620)

Has someone ever hurt your feelings, and then "laughed it off", or said, "I was just kidding", etc, when you called them out on it?

Yet, you know, that if it was the other way around, they wouldn't let YOU off, so easy?

Do you actually feel bad, when this happens??! 🖐🖐🖐

Yeah - that has been me, more often than I like to admit. It's not comfortable; and it messes with your head.

I have been speaking up, and speaking back;  not defending myself - just stating the fact that I deserve the same respect I give the other person.

When you start doing this, it may not always "come out right", and they'll probably get mad, saying something, like, "Nobody talks to me, that way!!!", etc.

Does that make them right, and you wrong??! NOPE!!!

If you hurt my feelings, you do NOT get to turn it around, and make it all about you; or throw past "slights" on my part, in my face. "That's a conversation for you to start ANOTHER time."

My current feelings are my feelings...and deserve to be heard, completely...

Have a good day, and be safe...

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