Oct. 20, 2020

Do You Know When Your Shame Started?

I think mine has been with me most of my life. I don't really remember a time I felt free from people "finding out about secrets in my life"; although it wasn't all MY shame. I unknowingly/unwillingly accepted a good bit of the "generational shame".

That's what a lot of my work has been, over the last nearly 30 years. I had to figure out what was MY shame, and what came to me, generationally.

Working on shame is NOT a linear process. I  had to work on mine similar to how one eliminates debt in their lives. At times, it's the largest debt/shame story; but not necessarily the oldest or newest, you have to deal with, first.

You deal with each item as it comes up - pay down/pay off what you can, figure out what is, and isn't YOUR shame; and as you delete each debt/shame story, the weight on your chest lessens, and you start to breath easier, no longer jumping when the phone rings. See the similarities?

Do you know when yours started, and if it's yours, or "generational"? Do you think it might be time to take a look?

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