Nov. 17, 2020

The Shame We All Have...

Anyone that denies EVER having felt shame in their life is not being honest with themselves, or anyone else. EVERYONE has felt a sense of shame over something; even if it was a natural reaction to something as a child.

This doesn't mean it was something that should have made you feel ashamed; just that shame was felt. That's where people fail to grasp the issue. While not everyone ends up paralyzed by those experiences; everyone's life is shaped by them. In life, many situations bring you to a crossroad - it's the choice you make, there, that defines your life-travels.

Here's an example: you're holding hands with a parent in a parking lot, and you rip your hand free and nearly get hit by a car. Your parent yells at you until you get to the car. They were traumatized, and reacted by how close they came to possibly losing you; while you were traumatized by the yelling.

No biggie, right??! However, this can affect both of you, and your relationship, for life. The parent feels like a failure because their "one job" is keeping you safe. You, again, resent their yelling at you. Choices were made in that moment - whether you were aware of it, or not.

Again, the examples can be as many, as there are people in the world; but you get my point. Shame is shame, and it doesn't need to be this giant problem if you deal with each item as it appears in your life.

This is where the problem comes in. People just let things roll by, without dealing with them. I'm a firm believer that issues you need to "deal with" keep appearing in your life, until they are dealt with. Then, while they may come up again, the feelings regarding them are totally different.

This is far from exhaustive. Do you have minor things that made you feel "shame"? I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue.

Thank you, have a good day, and be safe... #2020seeclearly #JusTSpInnIngPlaTes #THANKYOU